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LA Mediators has some fireworks of their own coming up! Message from Bob Tessier-

"Deception in Mediation"

Dear LA Mediators

Hope everyone enjoyed the 4th! As you know, we've been working on a blockbuster program on the issue of deception in mediation. I now have confirmation from two top mediators in town that they are in for our program!

So stay tuned for the August meeting date...and look forward to more interesting topics and maybe even some fun, as in music, before the end of the year.

My we live in interesting times....and we do. I hope those of you who are looking for more work are finding it, or have a solid plan for finding it. With the LA Superior Court changes in ADR there will be free market, and I know many privately run non-profits are jumping in to try to fill the need for mediators.

Bob Tessier

LA Mediator President For Life


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