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Next LA Mediator's meeting Downtown Los Angeles June 26, 2012, 6:00 p.m.

Dear LA Mediators

I want to announce that the next LA Mediator's meeting will be June 26, 2012, at 6:00 p.m. in Downtown Los Angeles.  We are going to move our discussion of deception in mediation to the end of summer due to scheduling issues.  So, our June meeting will be covering the general topic of Impediments to Settlement.

As you may have seen, Sean Judge and I have started a newsletter/email series on the subject.  The impediments are varied, but we want to focus on the…


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You Can't Miss Our November 4 Meeting!

Dear LA Mediators:

I hope that the summer and fall so far have been productive and full of great mediation experiences! And most importantly, that everyone is as busy as they want to be...

I am very excited about our November meeting, set for November 4. The topic is something we all should know more about as mediators: The Role of Religion in Mediation.

I'm on record stating that some of the most challenging folks to work with in the…

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Debrief of our May Meeting

Dear LA Mediators

So you want to join a panel? We packed the house again, and obviously this question is high on the list for the professional mediator.

Thanks again to our panelists, Rosemarie Chiusano of Judicate West, Carry Sarnoff of PMA, and Kym Adams of IVJC, and to Judicate West for hosting our meeting. We had three different perspectives on the issue, and I think everyone was taking the solid advice given to…

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Mark you Calendars for May 26: "So you want to join a panel?"

Dear LA Mediators

It is hard to top a night of wine, pasta, Irish ballads, and a room full of lawyers having a good time...

I was pleased to see so many LA Mediators at the party and I saw plenty of examples of mediators displaying their "A" game making contacts and marketing. The IABA is the perfect venue, and we will debrief and talk about your optimum strategy in this setting down the road.

But onto our May meeting:…

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AB 2475 with recent amendment now only applies to matters under the Family Code

Dear LA Mediators

I know there was a recent flurry of activity on AB 2475. It was good to get the info out there, and I think that pressure from several places has resulted in a change to the bill.

On April 22 the bill was amended to apply only to matters heard under the Family Code. A .pdf of the amended bill is attached.…


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Something Different For April

Dear LA Mediators

It's hard to imagine how we top the packed house and lively debate of our March meeting. As professional mediators, we always keep our eye on the ball. That, of course, means that business development is a key element of your business plan and professional training. There is no better way to work on that than to feel comfortable mixing and mingling with your source of potential future mediation business. If you're interested in the litigated case, then…

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From the Enlightened One

Thanks so much to our speakers, and our moderator, Wendy Kramer, for a very lively and thought provoking discussion. A special thanks to Kym who worked so hard to set things up, only to miss the meeting and the fun due to a death in the family. Our thoughts are with her and her family now I am sure.

Though the subject controversial, I think it is fair to say that we dodged many of the booby traps in the mine field, to use a guy warlike metaphor. I think Wendy had her…


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Gotta Love the Valley in March

Dear LA Mediators

I am really looking forward to Thursday's meeting. You should be too. It is high time that LA Mediators brought this interesting and perhaps controversial topic on the table. I was asked to put out a couple of questions for the panel to consider ahead of time, and I will do that in a bit. But first, I want to encourage you to get out to Woodland Hills.

It's beautiful in March! For those with allergies, we have Benadryl. And if…

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LA Mediators is on the radar screen big time!!!

As if we didn't already know it, but the buzz on LA Mediators is audible in the world of your potential customers! This week the Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles held it's semi-regular meeting on arbitrators and mediators. CAALA, as it is known, is the preeminent group of plaintiff's trial lawyers in Southern California. It's executive director is Stuart Zanville, who is a member of this group...

Bob Fink, our guest speaker, is co-chair of the meeting. He is a lively…


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Time to register for February 10 meeting!

Ok, LA Mediators, the time is NOW!

Our February 10 meeting will have 4 guest speakers, and it promises to be just what the doctor ordered. As a group dedicated to helping each other attain the goal of being a successful, professional mediator, we have a great first substantive meeting for 2010.

Our speakers span a wide swath of users of paid mediation services. We'll have wine and pot luck to sweeten the experience, and I must stress that we have to strictly limit the… Continue

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Mediation Marketing Minute 2010: Vol. 1

I've been pondering the depth of what I consider the absolute most important ingredient in mediation. I guess it's marketing in a sense, I think it makes alot of the magic, so we're kicking off 2010 Marketing Minute with it. But let's start at the start.

Mediators have three thing they must be as mediators:

Be Present

Be Authentic

Be Of Service

That's it.

But lately the Be Present aspect of this recipe has been on my mind. I just read a… Continue

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LA Mediators Feb. 10 Meeting

Happy Saturday LA Mediators...

It's a nice sunny day, and we're going to have the best year yet at LA Mediators! Thanks to everyone who came by and brought food and drink at my place. Terri and I had a great time, and enjoyed all the fun and laughter. And special thanks to Bob Mayer who helped teach my daughter a drinking song from Cal! Nothing says party like your 19 year old daughter singing a drinking song...She is class of 2012, he is class of 1961. Good to know Berkeley has it's… Continue

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I sure hope everyone is rested, filled with holiday cheer (not to mention holiday deserts) and ready to kick off 2010 in style...

We're going to have a party January 14 starting at 6 at my house. The address is 6133 County Oak Road, Woodland Hills CA 91367. If you can find Valley Circle and Victory Blvd. you can find my house. Go all the way up (west) Victory Blvd. till it ends at the State Park entrance. The last street at the top on the left is County Oak. Make a left onto County… Continue

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So what happened to Tessier's party?

I know when everyone opens their eyes after deep thoughts and a long contemplation of their navel, their place in the universe, or the fact that the New Orleans Saints are unbeaten, the next thought is "so what happened to Tessier's party?"

The answer is that we will have it, but it will be in January. I consulted various shamen, astrologers, and my guru, and the stars simply cannot align properly to get a December date. Rest assured, the Druid priests did no permanent damage to… Continue

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Welcome to all our new members!

I just took a look at our membership roster, and am so happy to see some new friends, and some old friends, joining LA Mediators. Our growth is appreciated, and in my view, each new member adds another perspective and voice to the group and makes it stronger.

We are a group of professional mediators who help and support one another unselfishly to achieve whatever goals we are striving to attain. Toward that end, I would consider our recent business development meeting to be a great… Continue

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The best one-two punch for professional mediation marketing!

November 10 and 11 will be the best one-two punch ever for marketing the professional mediator. Period.

On November 10, our executive director, Kym Adams, will be presenting an interactive workshop "Using 21st Century Media to market your Mediation Practice." It's at the Beverly Hills Bar Ass'n, 300 South Beverly Drive, Second Floor, Beverly Hills CA 90212. Show up at 5:00 p.m. with a laptop and Kym will hook you up with Linkedin, Twitter and/or Facebook. Yes, Facebook. Annoy your… Continue

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Mediation Marketing Minute Vol. 15

So it's been a rough week or two, and I've been pondering what makes your customers keep wanting to come back. Of course, results are a big plus. When I had a recent streak of 19 in a row with settlements, I would have thought that results were all you needed...

But now, this week I have had four in a row not settle. I'm batting 1 for 5, and it's only Wednesday. Last week I was 3 for 7. I'm seriously thinking I have misplaced my mojo. I suppose the French Canadian side of me is… Continue

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Mark your Calendars for November 11

Ok Members:

Our next meeting is November 11 at Alan Saler's beautiful office in Valley Village. Please mark your calendar!

We're going to do our usual pot luck and drink some nice wine, but the subject matters will be wide and varied.

We will also be talking business...the LA Mediator's strategic plan and mission. This is a democracy. Everyone's input is respectfully requested. We want to make this group be fun, functional, and above all, worth your valuable… Continue

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Mediation Marketing Minute Vol. 14

It used to be that a mediator was a superstar for picking up the phone before the mediation to have a "pre mediation conference" or after the session to follow up. These days, these steps are expected by your customers when they are paying for your services. OH, and most of the time they don't expect to pay extra for these value added services.

If you aren't doing these things, consider starting the practice. Let's look at each of these contacts, and what are the best practices for… Continue

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Mediation Marketing Minute Vol. 13

Lucky 13! This is my favorite number, and this is my chance to break with my trend of only commenting on the positives in this marketing minute. I want to discuss what I think is the NUMBER 1 mistake that mediators make in their marketing. This is such a bad mistake that it can actually set you back on your quest to develop a sustainable book of business. It is an unbreakable rule in my view, yet it is broken frequently. It is broken by some very prominent mediators in this town, and believe… Continue

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