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A few years ago, when I had the extraordinary opportunity to co-mediate settlement conferences in the LASC as part of my training at Pepperdine's Straus Institute, I noticed parties (and often attorneys) came to the process unprepared.

Considerable time and money were invested in "the fight" but almost no time was spent preparing for "the fix" (mediation). Thus, a significant portion of a settlement conference or mediation was spent getting up to speed.

As success in mediation is contingent upon party participation and party self determinism, it occurred to me that additional tools were needed to introduce a party to the process -- tools that would guide the party through the considerable preparation required in order to participate successfully in a conflict resolution process.

At about the same time, I met a Franciscan, Friar Joe Scerbo, who asked me if the legend of St. Francis Taming the Wolf of Gubbio might serve as a paradigm for teaching conflict resolution.

The result of these two ideas, the need for preparation and the Taming the Wolf paradigm, is the new book Taming the Wolf.

In Taming I guide the party through the conflict resolution process in a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand manner, setting them firmly on the path to peace.

The companion journal workbook uses extensive prompts to guide the party's preparation. It can be used by the party working alone or may be used by a mediator or attorney as they help a party prepare.

My life-long interest in spirituality steered me toward a "spiritually transformative" style of mediation that parallels the legacy of the Universal Brother, St. Francis.

This influence colors Taming the Wolf. Parties, mediators, and attorneys who place importance on an inner transformation during the process may find the ideas presented helpful.

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